Simply Inspired for the New Year

Today. The first day of the new year “work week. It’s time to be Simply Inspired.”

Pick one little thing to change. Or one simple item to accomplish. Be it a kind gesture or a phone call you must make. Make it a heartfelt start to the New Year. Perhaps go to a favorite place and give yourself the gift of inspiration. Take 10 minutes out of your busy day to say. “What if…”

Every time I walk on the beach I see something new. The waves come in and as they go out there is a almost always a gem that catches my eye. This time it was three little rocks — all lined up in the wet sand. The water adds a glimmer of wetness that adds richness t0 the visual scene in front of me. I take a picture. Perhaps I’ll make of painting of the gift. It reminds me of yoga, meditation, stillness on our earth. Time stops for just a moment.

Three wet rocks

And because of the wet wonderful appreciation, I added a a new tube of paint to my palette of acrylic paints. It’s called Gloss Gel Medium. I applied it on the sea glass in my painting below to give a little shine.

A shine that brings life to life. Let the new year begin.

IMG_1681 Sea glass

Be “Simply Inspired …by sea glass & nature’s gifts.”

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